• John J Lowe

Your personality type will determine your career choices

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

I am using this title to emphasise the importance of discovering your personality as related to the workplace.

Of the 25,000 plus candidates I have interviewed they have all been unique but they have all matched one of the 4 personalities I have outlined in The Psychology of Career Planning. When I identified each candidate’s particular personality type and their related strengths, they find the discovery revelatory and exciting as it explains why they have chosen and enjoy specific tasks and not others and why they relate to specific personalities and not others.

The 4 distinct Personality Types which I define are in relation to the workplace and candidates can use this information to discover their ideal job. Whenever I write job advertisements I examine closely the job description to identify the key skills which may be design, analytical or communication.

If you have read The Psychology of Career Planning you will know whether you are a Supporter, a Creative, an Analyst or an Influencer and you can apply this knowledge to make strong job applications.

My title, ‘Your personality decides, not you’ will now make sense in terms of your understanding of your dominant strengths in the workplace and using this knowledge to improve your performance.

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