• John J Lowe

Leaders must now focus on the small picture

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Today’s commercial environment is dominated by technology. The big picture priority  is out and the detail is in.

Marketing has changed its focus from people centric one-to-one interaction to concentrating on analysis as the dominant underwriter for business planning. SEO AWS and API are now centre stage and foundational to developing future strategy. Leaders must get very involved and interrogate the data. Hands-off is now hands-on. Leading from the front is now leading from the middle, a key factor endorsed by the recent tsunami of scandals where boards were claiming ignorance of the detail. Not good enough – leaders sitting in ivory towers and adopting a dictatorial persona has no place in today’s fast forward, ever changing, dynamic workplace.

The successful leader will adopt the ‘playing captain’ stance and gain the positive support of their team. There will be no shocks as they are ‘in the mix’ and manage the technology, the operatives and the outcomes in terms of integrity and context.

Many of todays corporations have, operationally, total dependency on their IT systems. If they crash the organisation cannot function and the downtime or outage will have serious implications on the bottom line and market reputation for reliability.

I know of organisations who operate internationally and who have experienced various critical system crashes and have established a reputation for flaky technology. On examination they have a legacy for applying severe cost cutting to their IT budget and viewing it as an add-on service rather than being foundational to the success of their operation.

My title “Leaders must now focus the small picture” emphasises that the ‘I am the boss’ mentality is about to be replaced with a collaborate modus operandi and for boss we should substitute facilitator.

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