• John J Lowe

Contract versus Permanent? Which is better?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The short termism endemic in today’s working environment has a direct influence on the nature of employment contracts.

The dominance of technology has created a modus operandi where workflows are more frequently being encased in projects. This means that tasks become time definitional. This then also means that if you are an organisation with a high propensity for project related work you will employ staff on a contract basis. When the new checkpoint firewall is up and running you no longer need the technical build expertise and can scale down the number of contractors and retain those needed for operations and upgrades.

When the government demanded that the banks create a secure system whereby customers could switch their accounts to competitive banks within seven days this required building and upgrading IT legacy systems and we were instrumental in finding staff with the required expertise to work on twelve to two year contracts. This is a good example of the project orientation in today's work environment.

More employees are working remotely and there is a significant increase in the prevalence of part time contracts

The fall in permanent contracts will have a direct influence on your career planning and is why we have adopted our coaching motto of ‘job choice is a journey, never a destination ‘. We focus our career coaching on your personal development which ensures your core skills are always relevant in today’s volatile working environment.

So contract or permanent-which is the better career choice. The answer now must be both as they are now compatibles. Permanent does not mean for life but for as long as we can afford and need you.

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