Charlie Sim

Former Marketing Consultant, Cap Gemini Consulting

The interview and coaching instruction was invaluable for me – not only did it focus me on my key strengths, but it provided me with a clear and simple platform to deliver these. I felt that my ability to perform was significantly enhanced and I would certainly recommend The Psychology of Career Planning to my colleagues. I felt that it also enhanced my own skills and understanding of myself.

Nadine Vieker MBA

Judge Business School Strategy Consultant, University of Cambridge

John Lowe gave me valuable support and advice during the lengthy process of selection, training and qualifying as a medical doctor. I shall refer to The Psychology of Career Planning as an expert career reference manual when I must choose the GP or consultancy route. The positive ‘can do’ tone is motivational for anyone in whatever employment.

Dr Graham Davies

FRSA, Fellow Commoner, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge

The Psychology of Career Planning gives the reader practical and applicable tools for career development and success at work. The sections on understanding ‘self’ and personalising a winning profile for interviews and meetings are uniquely insightful.

Dr Huw Morris

Former Dean, MMU Business School

This is an excellent book which summarises the guidance John has given to MBA students at some of the UK’s top business schools, not to mention countless practising managers and senior executives. If you want a high-profile career, The Psychology of Career Planning is a very good primer for preparing your job search, CV development and interview technique. I know it works as I have used it successfully myself.

Dr Lauren Trisk

This coaching programme made me more aware of my core strengths and provided me with a universal ‘tool’ that I can use whenever I want to successfully present myself. I have a stronger self-awareness – and it has really worked for me as I now have an attractive job offer!

Jake Armstrong

Secondary School Teacher

John is very good at ensuring that he does not make decisions for you but steers you along the decision-making path – a path which had become rather confused for me! The Psychology of Career Planning provides all the advice, guidance and expert knowledge that John has acquired in a concise but very warm and friendly format. The book provides detail on personality profiles, CV styling and interview technique that will allow an individual, regardless of the career they are pursuing, to make the next brave steps forward. I am in a job where I am challenged, rewarded and most importantly absolutely love.

Uwe Muller

Former Managing Director, Siemens Power Generation

You managed to explain sometimes rather complicated psychological facts in a very short, simple and easy-to-understand way. The logical sequence of chapter contents and the fact that each chapter can be read in its own right, or rather reread to refresh the memory in case of need, shows your professional experience with the topic. Your language is clear and specific and you manage to keep the unavoidable repetitions to make the individual chapters readable in their own right to a minimum.


I found the sub chapter ‘Responding to job advertisements’ absolutely outstanding. It provides such a wealth of advice, which sounds logical when reading it but does not come naturally to the inexperienced applicant, and it also shows your extraordinary experience in the subject. I have never seen anything similar before. This chapter alone makes buying and reading the book worthwhile for any job seeker!


Your analysis, advice and your tips for the interviewing practice are all very valuable know-how to any manager. I wish I had the book when I was interviewing, as I did it mostly structured only around historical data and hard job-related facts not knowing how to sensibly tackle the soft aspects. Likewise, your advice in the appendices will provide useful thoughts to all ambitious and even experienced professionals. It must be rewarding to pass on this wealth of experience and know-how in a rather specific topic to the wider professional public.